Many consumers are increasingly attentive to their diet. Sustainability, traceability, nutritional value, and clean labelling are focus points of food consumers. Conditions of plant-cultivation and animal breeding cannot be underestimated as drivers for food quality and safety. Therefore, many organic foods have become popular.

By organic we mean those plant-products, which have not undergone any chemical manipulation. Which have been growing without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides and obtained without the use of biotechnology (e.g. genetical modification). Only mechanical/physical changes/modifications are permitted.

Pesticides include different categories of plant protection systems like herbicides and insecticides. Thus, the absence of pesticides is an important parameter to verify the organic/biological origin of a food product.


Organic Lecithin production is audited and certified by specialised independent bodies.
The auditors regularly inspect the full supply chain for maintenance of organic conditions. They issue compliance certificates.

AgroHorizon Lecithin & Solutions has introduced Organic Lecithin into its supply portfolio. Particularly from soybeans. Those are processed in the EU and primarily cropped by contract growers in Central Asia (e.g. Kazakhstan).

Agrolec S-100 BIO

Label Organic

Agrolec S-100 BIO (our brand name) fully satisfies the organic specifications. It respects the purity parameters for Food – Lecithins according to E322 and Feed – Lecithins according to 1c322i.

Agrolec S-100 BIO is available in various types of packaging: 1000 kg IBC, 200 kg drum and 20 kg bucket.

Agrolec S-100 BIO meets all functional and technological requirements compared to conventional Soy Lecithin. It fulfills the needs of Organic Food Production and fully meets the expectations for organic ingredients of food-industry and final consumers.
(Implementing Regulation EU 2019/2164 as amendment of EC 889/2008 and EC 834/2007). Agrolec S-100 BIO already meets the adaptations coming into operations as of 01.01.2022.

Agrolec LVL-5 BIO and
Agrolec LVL-8 BIO

Agrolec LVL-5 BIO and Agrolec LVL-8 BIO are organic Lecithin specialities for the instantisation of food – powders, especially dairy powders or infant formulae. Organic and functionality combined in a unique formula.

Like our standard organic Lecithin, Agrolec S-100 BIO, both comply with all the regulations related to organic ingredients.